Adorable Darla

Darla is 23" at shoulder and 40 pounds.  

Winchester is 17" at shoulder and 45 pounds.

Reserve List:


1.Cody Hawkes


3.C. Brooks


1.Aspen Ridge - Ashby

2. K. Lucas 

Aspen Ridge Darla is a snuggly girl 

who enriches the lives of everyone who meets her!

She is daughter of Lady Sophie and Prince. 

 Darla lives with her guardian family "The Dawsons" in Kelowna. 

The Dawsons say, "Our Darla is an absolute delight! She is sweet,

 willing to please, gorgeous, non shedding, and smart, too!"

 Labradoodles for sale, Kamloops,BC.,  Red, Apricot, Cream, Chocolate, Black, Labradoodle Puppies for Sale.

Larissa Says ....

I simply love dogs

and they love me right back!  

For the past ten years

I have had the joy of raising, training and boarding dogs along with my family.

I am privileged to be experienced

as a canine midwife for our own dogs and others.

 If I can help answer your questions,

I would count it a privilege.