Sweet Star

For those of you who are looking for a large labradoodle 

with non-shedding coats and "Therapy Potential" personalities!

Puppies have arrived!!  Photos to come on Thursday

F1B Standard Litter: September 4th, 2017

Going home date: October 30th, 2017

Oreo - Dark Blue Ribbon Boy - Black & White Parti

Peppermint - White Ribbon Girl - Black with white neck splash & white toes

Nanaimo - Gold Ribbon Boy - Chocolate with some white

Bon Bon - Gold Ribbon Girl - Black & White Parti

Peanut Butter - Teal Ribbon Boy - Chocolate w/ white splash & white back toes

Jumble - Light Green Ribbon Boy - Black with some white

Ginger - Peach Ribbon Girl - Black with some white

Pinwheel - Purple Ribbon Girl - Black with some white

Nilla Wafer - Pink Ribbon Girl - Black with some white

Chocolate Chip - Red Ribbon Boy - Chocolate and White parti

                             Star                                                                Prince    


Hypo-allergenic non-shedding coats and a lovely large size 

for those who still love the larger dogs!!

Expected to be 50-80 pounds and 23" to 25" at shoulder height.

Colours that may be in the litter are ...

Chocolate/White Parti, Black/White Parti, cream, chocolate or black puppies.

Reserve List:

1. Aspen Ridge Labradoodles - Therapy

2. Aspen Ridge Labradoodles - female - R. Lister

3. C. Cherry - either gender

4. V. Brooks - male

5. C. Ponich - either gender

6. Bill & Taylor - male - brown or black

7. Houghton Family - either gender

8. T. Leo - chocolate male





Labradoodles for sale, Kamloops,BC.,  Red, Apricot, Cream, Chocolate, Black, Labradoodle Puppies for Sale.

Larissa Says ....

I simply love dogs

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For the past ten years

I have had the joy of raising, training and boarding dogs along with my family.

I am privileged to be experienced

as a canine midwife for our own dogs and others.

 If I can help answer your questions,

I would count it a privilege.