One of the first questions our puppy owners ask is, 

"What do I need to prepare for bringing puppy home?" 

Here are the products we use & recommend that will start your puppy out right! 

Get your Dog Sense!

Your puppy is started out on  Natural Balance Limited Ingredients  Sweet Potato & Fish 

Puppy through Adult Formula

                                                                                                                                                                                  Found in local pet stores such as Pet Smart and Bosley's. 

Over the years we have discovered that many families have lost their previous beloved pet to cancer.  

Knowing that we live in a world of many diseases for pets and humans alike we began to research how we could

raise dogs with a healthier immune system to combat the prevelant diseases of our generation.  NuVet became our answer to this 

question. We feel that NuVet is a powerful supplement to help build a strong immune system. 

Your puppy is started out on NuVet Plus a full spectrum immune system builder.  Its filled with synergistic blend of anti-oxidants, 

amino acids, enzymes, vitamins,  minerals and more designed to promote healthy cells and to help the pets immune system

 develop strong in our world today.  NuVet Plus is 100% natural; no sugars, fillers, binders, grains or artificial flavors.  

This gives it superior bio-availability allowing the ingredients to be more efficiently absorbed through the cell wall.  Healthy cells = healthy pets!  Phone to order.        

Puppy Kennel:                                                          Chew Toys for your puppies teething process:

Found at Walmart or most pet stores.                                

We suggest the medium size if you will be                        

weaning puppy off the kennel early on.

Medium size - 24" high x 18" wide x 21" deep 

We suggest the large size with a divider to use

as puppy grows if you wish a den in adult years.

Large size - 36" high x 24" wide x 27" deep.                 

                                                                                        Fun & Games: 

                                                               These Chuckit balls last longer than regular tennis balls :) 

                                                                                        Any "Stuffy" ~make sure no granular objects are inside.  


Some other things you may need depending on your home & lifestyle:


A Few other links you might find helpful: 

 BC Veterinary Medical Association website allows you to search for a veterinarian in your area. 

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Larissa Says ....

I simply love dogs

and they love me right back!  

For the past ten years

I have had the joy of raising, training and boarding dogs along with my family.

I am privileged to be experienced

as a canine midwife for our own dogs and others.

 If I can help answer your questions,

I would count it a privilege.