If you are looking at our puppies we thought you might like to meet the team who raises them!

We enjoy our life on the ranch and the privelege of helping healthy happy puppies grow from birth until the time they come into their forever families.


Steve - Manager of the ranch                     Steve & Valerie Celebrating our 32th anniversary


Valerie - Phone & email contact manager 


 Puppies meet dad                                   Kid snuggles


  Rides for kids & puppies :) 


Labradoodles for sale, Kamloops,BC.,  Red, Apricot, Cream, Chocolate, Black, Labradoodle Puppies for Sale.

Larissa Says ....

I simply love dogs

and they love me right back!  

For the past ten years

I have had the joy of raising, training and boarding dogs along with my family.

I am privileged to be experienced

as a canine midwife for our own dogs and others.

 If I can help answer your questions,

I would count it a privilege.