Celebrating 11 years of Raising Precious Labradoodles!!

If you are one of our Aspen Ridge Labradoodle families we have kept this page for you.  


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In Loving Memory of the Best Labrador Retriever Ever

Sheena ... Larissa's dearly beloved foundation dog.                                        We chuckle and say Sheena brought Larissa through school by being an  ever present helper ready to run the kilometres of energy out of a schoolgirl so she could sit for her lessons. Sheena attentively listened to every word Larissa ever spoke to her.  Their bond is forever treasured for a lifetime. Sheena was beautiful with a strong loyal attitude and a great big heart!  She passed her characteristics on faithfully to four generations here at the ranch.  Sheena passed on in Winter 2016.  We miss her dearly.  Sheena is mother of Pansy, Dolly, Gemma and Melody shown below. Grandmother to Star. Also Grandmother to Lady and Great Grandmother to Darla. (Scroll down to view ofspring.) 


Rosey came to us from a special family in Oregon.  

She had one very beautiful chocolate F1 2017 litter for us here at  

Apsen Ridge with Her best buddy Carlos a chocolate Standard Poodle.

The two of them have now travled all the way to Nova Scotia to 

live with another special family at Harding Brook Kennels!!  

We feel so blessed to have been a part of their lives for a time. 

May their beautiful puppies grow into wonderful companions :) 

Lady Marjorie came to us from a special family in Oregon.  

She had one small amazing therapy quality F1 2017 litter for us here at  

Apsen Ridge with Prince.  Her baby Talia will be Larissa's therapy 

trained Labradoodle.  Her second baby Teddy is joining a child 

therapist  in working with special children. 

Lady Marjorie is going on to live with a family in Prince George. 

Lady Tatiana (Tina) came to us all the way from South Carolina.  We 

were searching for beauty and brains to bring in a new therapy line of 

Labradoodles for Larissa.  Tina blessed us with 2 beautiful litters 

several of which have gone into therapy work. 

Her daughters Mandy & Lena are the beginning of Larissa's own 

breeding program ABIDING COMPANIONS

Tina is now moving on to our friends in Prince George to be loved and 

cared for like the queen she is. 

Pansy daugher of Sheena is now retired after having 3 very special F1 

labradoodle litters. She has been the sweetest mom with lots of love to 

share.  Pansy now shares her life with a family with children on an 

acreage outside of  Prince George and is very happy there. 

Her daughter Star carries on her heritage here at Aspen Ridge. 


Gemma is the offspring of Sheena and Cooper. 

She is quiet and gentle natured and is a deeply devoted girl.  

She has provided families with incredible family companions 

with her well behaved litters. 

Our sweet Gemma is now retired and has been welcomed

into Wendy's home and enjoying the special priveleges

of retired life.  


Dolly daugher of Sheena is now retired after having 2 F1b 

Labradoodle litters and  1 Multi-Gen litter. Dolly is always full of kisses 

and loves a good adventure alongside her family.  She was a very 

careful mom sure to  count every puppy and my .. those puppies were 

licked cleaner than  any other puppy alive!   Dolly is enjoying a life of 

luxury including her owner's bed in Calgary.  Her daughter Lady and 

grandaughter Darla carried on her heritage at Apsen Ridge!

(Lolly on Our Dogs is also Dolly's daughter and Sheena's grandaughter) 

Lady Sophie daugther of Dolly and grandaughter of Sheena (above)

is now retired after having 2 beautiful and sweet natured Multi-Gen 

Labradoodle Litters for Apsen RIdge. Lady lives with her adored 

companion Deryn and enjoyes the lap-time and cuddles along with 

ongoing conversations and walks that make up her daily routines.  

We are so happy to still be able to see Lady Sophie every now and 


Sweet Darla is daugther of Lady Sophie grand daugther of Dolly and 

great grandaughter of Sheena. in above photos.  

Sweet Darla lives in a guardian home in Kelowna with 

Janet & Craig. Her family say she is the best dog in the world!! 

She loves everyone and adores the grandchildren of the family!  

Darla had one Multi-Gen Labradoodle litter for Aspen RIdge 

Labradoodles!  We are so proud of her. :) 

Melody lived in a guardian home from puppy age. Melody is Sheena's

 daughter.  She had two incredible F1B litters for Aspen Ridge.  

What a happy go lucky comical girl.  Her forever family in Vernon is

enjoying Melody's retirement. She keeps very busy bringing up four 

ambitious Aulin children!!


Casey is Kerry's dam. Casey lived on our ranch for two years. She loved

 hiking and swimming. Casey had one litter of sweet Labradoodles for us

 before moving to her forever home at the coast. 

Kerry is Casey's offspring. (shown ABOVE)  She has a very 

gentle temperament and is a sweet, loving dog!  She had two

 litters for us.   Her first litter was sired by Cooper and her 

second litter was sired by Robby. She is now retired to live 

with her special people in Kamloops!  She enjoys long walks 

and a special hide and seek game with her owner. Her 

daughter Maggie and Hazel carried on her heritage here at 

Aspen Ridge. 

Maggie is Kerry's offspring.  She has the same very gentle 

nature of her mom.  Maggie loves to be constantly by your side

 and her head in your lap is even better.  Maggie was a 

supermom of her 3 litters of puppies.  She loved to have them 

sleep on her paws and even on top of her head!  Maggie is 

going to live with a loving family in Kamloops and spend her 

week-ends and summers at the lake!! 

Hazel was our sweet Labradoodle born here on the ranch daughter of 

Kerry. (above) and Cooper.   Hazel had one litter of absolutely adorable 

puppies and is going to the perfect family in Surrey to be their forever 

dog!  Now she has the spoiled city girl life with lots of dressing up! 

Duchess was our Purebred Poodle from the coast. She had one litter of F1

Labradoodle puppies for us and then found the perfect family in 

Kamloops to be her forever people.

Roxie was our Purebred Chocolate Lab from the coast. She had one litter

 of F1 Labradoodles for us and went on to enjoy life on another ranch with 

a family.


Kita was our Purebred Yellow Lab. She had one very energetic F1 Labradoodle litter. A young boy

 claimed her as his own to be his very own "Marta the Talking Dog"  and from then on she had 

more treats than she imagined possible! 


We cannot forget Faithful Trixie our Lab Shepherd cross who gave us three 

litters of super family puppies "Labrashepadoodles"  for those who loved the 

Shepherd in the mix of doodle.  These pups were super quick learners and 

adapted well into their families.  Trixie is now a loving guardian for some 

little children who live very rural. 


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Says ....

Steve & Valerie say: The past 20 years we have raised our large family in the counrty.  It has been an amazing journey of learning to pioneer the land and help each child follow their talents.

Our children introduced us to a variety of animals on the ranch which enlarged  our hearts in caring for these living creations of God. 

Thus began a path of loving and learning all about dogs! 

We love to share with you the things that we have learned.  Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.  

Larissa says: I simply love dogs

and they love me right back!  

For the past eleven years

I have had the joy of raising, training and boarding dogs along with my family.

I am privileged to be experienced

as a canine midwife for our own dogs and others.

 If I can help answer your questions,

I would count it a privilege.